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01. Fashion
Hundreds of designer brands and thousands of trendy styles. Fashionni brings to you a huge selection from international fashion houses, elegant designer brands and avant-garde labels. Celebrate your individuality with style and be a star in your own life.
02. Boutique
Hundreds of physical boutiques in Europe have joined hands with Fashionni to create a unified platform for stores in various locations. Our partners include designer concept stores, multi-brand boutiques and designer outlets. Merchandises are updated throughout the year.
03. Online
Designer goods are now easily available without a drive to the suburbs or going abroad. Fashionni will not only help you pack and ship your purchases, but also provide full refund services outside the EU. Customers are entitled to 14 days full refund, for any reason. Fuss-free shopping delivered to your doorstep.
04. Outlet
Discounts on all items throughout the year – every day is a shopping day. Clothing, bags, shoes and accessories readily available. Find your target quickly by selecting the brand, price, color and material. Shop in the comfort of your home.



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We follow the Big Four fashion weeks closely and bring you the latest trends from New York, London, Milan and Paris. Iconic designs released periodically by designers are always setting the trends. You can find a variety of designer brand styles on Fashionni, be it simple or elegant, subtle or extravagant. Here, you will always find the right piece for any occasion.


Items are sent directly to you from the physical boutique. No middlemen involved. Fashionni uses four types of patented anti-counterfeiting technology on every item sent to customers, to make sure that every piece can be traced. Our unique anti-counterfeiting technology allows the goods sent/returned to be quickly tested and authenticated. Shop at ease without having to worry about buying counterfeit goods.


Unlike in traditional shops, you will not need to waste time, endure crowds or costly commutes to shop. Simply access Fashionni on your computer, mobile phone or tablet to find your purchase. Fashionni provides full tax refund for deliveries outside of the EU for your convenience. Customers are also entitled to 14 days full refund, for any reason, if the items do not meet their satisfaction.


All Fashionni items are listed with the recommended retail price as a reference and discounts range between -20% and -60%. Discounts may be as high as -80% during the clearance of items with limited sizes or from past seasons. There are also monthly special promotions for you to enjoy more discounts. Subscribe to us and do not miss out on the surprises we have in line for you.



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