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All of the items displayed on the Fashionni website are obtained from our partners who can be classified into the following three categories:

  1. Authorized luxury fashion boutique
  2. Designer concept store
  3. Designer outlet

Our partners are reliable boutiques with physical stores and therefore there is a stable source of goods. Items that are sold on the Fashionni website are either sold in actual boutiques or were from past seasons. Please rest assured that our items are brand-new.

The fashion industry has short product cycles and changes in products are rampant. Designer brands would launch at least two new collections per year. With ample capital and extensive customer awareness, several top designer brands launch four to six collections annually. For the physical boutiques of these brands, it is a huge challenge to sell all of their stock at the recommended retail price every three to six months. Overstock of past collections is common in both authorized luxury fashion boutiques and designer concept stores. Fashionni serves as a platform between the physical boutiques and fashion lovers, allowing the physical boutiques to effectively expand their online sales channels and fashion enthusiasts to buy designer brands at discounted prices.

As this is not mass production, once the desired item or size is sold out, the possibility of restocking this particular item or size is rather low. However, you may click on Contact and inform us of the specific item code or size via our customer service hotline or email. We will notify you once there is available stock.

Fashionni is an online platform for outlet retail. It does not own actual merchandise. In the designer brand industry, the same items tend not appear in large quantities. Many items are unique in design and have limited stock. Please understand that we are not able to reserve items for you. In addition, placing the item in your shopping bag or wishlist does not mean you have made a reservation.

To date, the apparel industry does not have a global uniform size standard. Manufacturers adopt the measurement standards in their respective countries. To determine whether the item size fits you, you will have to follow our Size Guide when purchasing. Please click on the item image to view the item details and you will see the corresponding “Size Guide” table below the product picture. You may also choose different categories of goods according to gender on the “Size Guide” information page. This will allow you to preview and compare the different size standards.




You will need to provide a valid email address to receive your order upon payment. However, we recommend that you use a long-term e-mail address to register for a Fashionni account to enjoy more services including: exclusive offers, preview of new products, latest trends, as well as the ability to save your favorite merchandise to your wishlist to keep track of the updates and enjoy a more convenient shopping process.

Simply click on the “Forgot Password” button on the login page and enter your email address as instructed. We will send you an email promptly to help you reset your password.


You can shop via phone or email too. You only need to record the Fashionni product ID and call or write to inform us. Our customer service team will be happy to assist and complete the follow-up shopping process. We will also be on hand to answer your questions at any time.

Once the order is generated, we will send you your order number by email. We will also contact the physical boutique which holds the item immediately and obtain confirmation for your order as soon as possible. Once the order has been confirmed, the physical boutique will send out the ordered item to your designated shipping address within 48 hours of confirmation. At the same time, we will continue to update the status of your order.

Your bill will be sent to your email address when the order is confirmed. At the same time, when you receive the item, the bill will also be included in the box for your convenience. Billing information includes: date of the bill, address of the physical boutique, product serial number, quantity, value of item, freight cost and the payment method of your choice.




At present, we support the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa Card,  MasterCard, American Express, Klarna (Sofort), AliPay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay. For details, please refer to the Payment page.

Sorry, Fashionni does not support payment in installments at the moment.

Sorry, Fashionni does not support cash-on-delivery at the moment.

Currently, Fashionni only supports three currencies: EUR, USD and RMB. You may choose one of these three currencies, based on your preference, for settlement. Please note that the exchange rate on our website may not be exactly the same as the current exchange rate. Instead it is a rounded figure to facilitate settlement.

Fashionni uses an independent third party payment system such as PayPal, Klarna etc. to complete your shopping process. Your card number and payment information will be linked directly to the third party payment processor instead of our website. Fashionni will not be able to obtain your complete payment details. We will only receive notification of a successful or failed payment after you have completed the payment on the third-party processor. For more information, please review our Terms of Interest and Privacy Policy.

When you are making your payment, the system will assume that the ordered item is in stock and payment will be verified directly. If we are unable to confirm the order, your payment will be refunded to your account within 48 hours. We will notify you via email of the order cancellation and the refund information. Please note that your refund may not be credited within 48 hours of our commitment, depending on your bank. In this case, you may call the service hotline for further information.




Fashionni works with the following four logistics companies, DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT, to deliver your items in the most cost-effective manner. Every Fashionni item is wrapped in our specially-designed packaging for protection during the delivery process.  Our packaging is beautifully-made and may be used at home after you have received your item.

Fashionni is available in different parts of the world, with three levels of shipping rates: €10, €20 and €30. Fashionni offers global free shipping for purchases over 1000 Euros within one bill. Please note that free shipping does not mean that you are exempted from the relevant taxes and fees stipulated in your national laws. You may click on the Delivery page for more information.

Once the items are mailed out, we will pack it carefully and send it within 48 hours of confirming the order. We will inform you of the package tracking number by email, which will allow you to check its progress on the official website of the third party logistics company.

The time needed for delivery varies depending on your shipping address and the efficiency of the local customs office. Under normal circumstances, you will receive the items or a notification from the local customs office within 48 hours after the items have been sent out. On average, it takes between 2 to 5 working days to receive your items after the completion of payment. Delays in delivery are uncommon. We shall assist and ensure that you receive your ordered items as soon as possible.

Depending on the shipping address of your choice, the system will automatically analyze your country’s import process.

If your country belongs to the DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) status, the final amount during settlement would have already included prepaid import tax. You do not have to pay additional import taxes in your country.

If your country belongs to the DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid) status, the final amount during settlement would not include import taxes. When the items arrive at the customs of your country, you will be notified by the local customs of the import duties and customs declaration. Please read the relevant customs regulations in your country before purchasing.


If you are residing within EU, you will not be eligible for tax refund. The price of your item would include 19% VAT, which is the current rate in Germany.

If you reside outside of EU, you will receive the 19% VAT exemption directly at the point of payment. The system will automatically deduct the corresponding VAT and you will not be required to apply for additional refunds.


Certain items cannot be shipped due to the following factors:

1 Export is prohibited by law. According to the relevant laws of the European Union, certain products made of special materials are only allowed for sale in specific areas. Shipment of certain fur products are restricted to domestic customers.

2 Import is prohibited by law. We make the decision with regards to shipment of different products to various locations, based on the local laws and regulations. For example, California restricts the import of goods made of animal hide and fur, while Russia restricts the import of jewellery (including custom jewellery) and animal fur products.

Therefore, although Fashionni is able to distribute worldwide, we will determine the feasibility of the shipment due to these laws. This is why some items can not be sent to you.




All customers are entitled to full refund within 14 days. Please note that this applies to 14 calendar days, not business days, starting from the “date of receipt” of the item and ending with the “date of delivery” of your return post.  Should the “date of delivery” exceed the specified 14 days, your return request will not be processed. We recommend that you contact us via our customer service hotline or email within 7 days of receipt of the items and book our “home pick-up service” to ensure that the return can be processed in a timely manner.

If you reside within the European Union, please follow the steps below to complete the return:

  1. Please ensure that the item is clean and undamaged, and that the original tag and anti-counterfeiting device have been removed. Please return the item in its original packaging and seal the box.
  2. Please sign the return form sent to you via mail and hand it to the delivery courier, together with the original bill sent along with the merchandise.

If you are not a resident of the European Union, please follow the steps below to complete the return:

  1. Please ensure that the item is clean and undamaged, and that the original tag and anti-counterfeiting device have been removed. Please return the item in its original packaging and allow the courier to inspect before sealing the box.
  2. Please sign the return form sent to you via mail and hand it to the courier, together with the original bill sent along with the merchandise. The courier will check the paperwork.
  3. Please have your personal identification card ready in case it is required during customs clearance.

You may call our customer service hotline for more information on the refund procedure. Please do not arrange your own return shipment to avoid unnecessary costs and delays to your return date.


The pick-up service is complimentary.

At present, the return shipping costs are borne by the customer. After you have applied for the “pick-up service”, we will contact the most cost-effective logistics company and print the shipping coupon for you. You will only need to paste the coupon on the parcel and wait for the pick-up.

You may not return the items directly to the address. Please follow the return procedure specified by Fashionni, apply for the “pick-up service”, paste the shipping coupon printed by Fashionni and send the product to the designated address. Items that have not been processed by Fashionni and are returned on your own initiative will not be eligible for refunds.

In the following countries and regions, refunds will include the return of VAT and import duties. However, please note that the refund will exclude the costs of initial delivery and return shipping.

In the other countries and regions, refunds will not include customs duties and VAT. You may need to contact the local customs office for details on the refund of customs duties.

You may log in on the official website of the logistics company and check the status of your return shipment. Once we have received your returned items, they will be checked within 24 hours. If the item complies with our Return Policy, your refund will be completed within 48 hours. At this time, we will email you to confirm the refund information. Costs of initial delivery and return shipment will be deducted from the refund. Different banks and payment methods may require different lengths of time, hence we do not guarantee that the refund will be returned to your account within 48 hours. It is possible that the refund may take up to 10 working days.



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