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By category: The top navigation bar will display the four main categories of Clothing, Bags, Shoes, and Accessories according to gender. You can find your item in its corresponding category. On the Shopping page, you can click on the left navigation bar to apply the following filters: Price, Brand, Material, Colour and Size to find the most suitable item for yourself.

By brand: Click on Brand on the top navigation bar to view our list of designer brands, which is sorted alphabetically. Select the designer brand of your item. On the Shopping page, you can click on the left navigation bar to apply the following filters: Price, Categories, Material, Colour and Size to find the most suitable item for yourself.

Shopping Cart

When you wish to purchase, select the appropriate size and click on the Shopping Cart button to place the product into your shopping cart. You can continue shopping and when you are ready to check-out your items, click on the Shopping Cart icon on the navigation bar to proceed. To remove any items from the shopping cart, click on the Delete Item button.


After verifying your items and sizes in your Shopping Cart, click Check Out to complete your order. You will need to login with a temporary account using your e-mail address to complete your payment. We recommend that you sign up for a Fashionni account with a permanent e-mail address to enjoy more services. During the payment process, you will need to enter your shipping address and payment method. Based on your shipping address, the system will automatically calculate the shipping cost and determine whether import duties are to be prepaid in your country. Depending on your payment method of choice, the system will guide you to a secure third party payment processor to complete your payment.


As Fashionni is a sales platform for designer concept stores, the actual inventories are kept in the physical stores in various locations. Information on stock availability may be affected by differences in time and location, and may not be completely synchronized. The completion of your payment does not mean that the purchase is successful. We will send you an order confirmation via e-mail after contacting the physical store and verifying the availability of your item.


After confirming your order, Fashionni will select the most cost-effective logistics company based on your shipping address, to arrange for the delivery. Our partner boutique will pack the item with care and mail it within 48 hours. You will receive a notification with the tracking number of your parcel, which will allow you to track the progress of the delivery.

Tax-inclusive Price

All sale prices on the Fashionni website include 19% VAT, which is the current rate in Germany. According to the international tax regulations: If your shipping address is within the EU, you are not eligible for 19% German VAT tax refund. If your shipping address is outside of EU, you are eligible for VAT exemption and the 19% German VAT can be returned in full.

Tax Refund

Unlike third party tax refund companies like Global Blue and Premier Tax Free, which have set up tax-back offices in major airports and deduct service fees from your refund amount,  Fashionni is committed to full tax refund for shipments outside of EU. This means that the full 19% VAT is automatically deducted from the sale price at the point of payment.

Prepaid Import Duties

All Fashionni items which are sent outside of EU will have to undergo customs clearance in the import country. Different import duties and regulations apply in different countries.  If the shipping address is in Delivery Duty Unpaid countries and regions, we will charge an import tax in advance and pay it at the customs office of the import country. You will not be required to pay additional import duties.

Interpretation of Size Guide

To date, the apparel industry does not have a global uniform size standard. Manufacturers adopt the measurement standards in their respective countries. We understand that different size standards may pose a challenge during shopping. To help you determine your size accurately, please use our Size Guide as a reference. Size Guide is available at the bottom of the item details page. If you have any questions about the size standards, please call our customer service hotline.

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